– Republican Bias?

  by anti-folk hero

Yesterday, Yahoo! posted a story discussing Republican Senator John Sununu’s call for the dismissal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The story was originally titled “GOP Senator Sununu calls for Gonzales’ dismissal,” but was changed within the hour to “Senator Sununu calls for Gonzales’ dismissal.” I think this is a blatant form of political pandering and shows that there is some kind of political authority at Yahoo! making sure that news stories don’t reflect badly on the Republican party. Disagree? Agree? Comment.


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32 responses to “ – Republican Bias?

    • Mac

      Gadaffi just got killed… a man wanted by Every president since Reagan… and it was basically a great success for the Obama administration at very minimal cost 1.1 billion… that may not seem like a lot, but to protect american interest with no American Casualties and depose a dictator, and give America the status of helping to end dictatorships in support of people… well that’s a huge success for Obama… But the Yahoo news story I saw was titled “Gaddaffi killed at huge cost”. What a lie yahoo… This is a great victory for the Obama Administration… but more importantly for Libya… and even more importantly, for America and the world in general. Gadafi wanted by 5 presidents… Obama led the international intiatitive to get him. Osama Bin Laden, wanted by three Presidents…. Obama got him. But Yahoo wouldn’t have you think that

    • Disenchanted

      Definitely and often. I”m going to change my starting page.

  1. Lunescent

    Yahoo ROUTINELY ammends the wording in AP stories and prefers to link to Fox News as often as possible.

    I have counted over 50 “Featured” News Articles on their front page that have been about what just happened on American Idol (a Fox program). And all of their articles on the market are taken from the Wall Street Journal (also Fox-owned).

    Lately, there’s been nothing but bad press about Obama in their news – or worse yet… trivial articles about “Michelle’s New Style” and celebrity-type treatment. But when it comes to raw politics – yahoo is completely conservative and biased.

    • tom henson

      Total BS, yahoo is as liberal as MSNBC, wake the F up!

    • Tom Katchka

      Yes, Yahoo news has an overwhelming and blatant Republican bias–an especially conservative bias. I’m frustrated and disgusted from its lies of omission and its incessant, harassing propaganda. (It is certainly NOT constructive, unbiased journalism.)
      I’m dropping my Yahoo homepage and going with Google for both homepage and main email account.

  2. ProgressivePete

    I have noticed this glad to see it is being mentioned. Need to switch my e-mail account.

  3. Matteo

    I agree, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Yahoo supports republican points of views. Gmail, here I come….

  4. Elverth

    You know I agree!

    Too bad I have been using my yahoo e-mail account for so many years but I no longer like their news portal. I will look for alternatives or work arounds to other portals.

  5. Lafatee

    I know right? Yahoo is wayyy to right leaning. They don’t even seem to try to cover it up. They always run stories criticizing the health care plan, but nothing close to promoting it.

  6. Scott

    I would say so. I noticed a ‘right lean’ in the last dozen or so stories. It’s not blatant, but it’s there. In example…I have noticed at least four opening page stories that have lines to the effect of “Can Obama get America back on his side?” Not a direct quote mind you, but not far off.
    I was unaware that all of America had decided not to back him up any longer.
    I am one of those who happens to disagree with a number of things in the Obama camp, But I don’t need to be told that I disagree.
    It’s not being unbiased, but few are. I like BBC myself, just facts that allow me to make my own opinions.

  7. rosetoes

    Oh, wow. I read the article today about the Yemen man failing in his bomb attempt and how they are relating it to Obama. I’ve noticed in the past the twisted criticism towards Obama. Im so sick of it. Texas is already completely brain washed by Fox news… yesterday I heard from my uncle that he believes Obama’s Harvard education was paid by Shiits. Its everywhere! and Major companies like Yahoo seem so legit…. the confusion is infamous.

    • Timmy

      Hey, not all of Texas is brainwashed. We’re fighting the idiots here, but its like talking to wall. They have buried their heads so far up the elephants rear that they are unwilling to listen to any competing viewpoint. It truly is sad. As California is a basketcase for liberals, Texas is quickly becoming a basketcase for conservatives. Also, the GOP points to Texas as the awesome conservative state and how their plans succeed…. well Texas looks good now, but we’ve been stagnant for the past 20 years. To be honest I don’t know what a good economy is because we’ve been on the same path for so long and it is one of those steady declines. Republicans are ruining our public education system here… we are the laughing stock of the nation, and it is saddening.

  8. I have noticed a diffent right leaning conmentary. Very negative toward Obama referring to him by any other name but Obama. Why are they referring to him as barry – that i don’t get. Anyway i have to change my email as well, to bad they can’t just provide a service.

  9. tom

    I have realized in the past like 6 months to a year that yahoo is turning a lot like fox news and so are the dipshits that comment on the crap seriously read any news story on yahoo then read the comments you will understand why bush was elected twice. it’s really nasty cause i used to love going to yahoo i used to go there to get away from the real news cause they’d have dumb stories about like 6 legged cats and shit and i thought hey this is better than this politics crap or all this negative stuff but now its just yuck

  10. Steve

    I got suspicious just by the stuff I have been reading on Yahoo…they have to be Republican owned like all the media anymore. Its the rich against the poor for sure! With all the media Republican owned, go figure, its going to be tough for the middle to low class to survive!

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  12. Michael

    The Red State website doesn’t have as many republicans as yahoo news. I’m literally watching comments praising the Muslim genocide in the Balkans get thumbs up.

  13. Tina White

    oh, thank god it’s not just me-i opened my homepage the other day and it was nothing but Bachman coverage….nothing…and yeah the comments…well, let’s just say yahoo is an appropriate moniker…buh bye yahoo

  14. joe

    ya all you have to do is read the comments under all of the negative obama articles, birds of a feather flock together.

  15. read the comments sections,99 percent gop backing or racist remarks about the president,I have personally had all my comments in defense of Obama deleted.It is obvious.There is no way there is that much gop support out there or they allhang out at yahoo.

  16. I agree, they always have something negative to say about Democrats but when it comes to their beloved republicans they sugar coat their stories. It makes me sick, I’m a journalism major and I know for a fact that they used biased words that no new source should ever use.


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  18. jlw

    I suspected as much

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  20. Izziebettz

    I agree. I found this thread as a result of my search for who owned Yahoo… as I have noticed a definite bias. And it’s gotten too full of junkie pop ups as well. I used to love my Yahoo. Now I am searching for a new Home Page and search engine.

  21. Carrie murrell

    I am leaving Yahoo. Way too republicanbiased for me.

  22. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it takes place.

  23. I’ve been reading the Yahoo news and I am becoming more and more disgusted, It seem to me it news is for the fast food gen. and has become very right wing. The people posting is unbalanced and they are very rude. I’M going to be leaving Yahoo and going back to Google.

  24. Yahoo has had me blocked for a couple of months now, My comments were always pro Obama/democrate. And usually con republican but respectivly so, no foul launguage ect. I noticed they blocked me after i made some comments about the Bush administration. They are definitly republican bias. I googled complaints against yahoo and pulled up over a thousand negative and less than 100 positive. Alot of the complaints were similar to my problem. There is something very funny going on with google.

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