Yahoo’s Republican Bias Part II

  by anti-folk hero

Once again, Yahoo! has shielded America from a gruesome truth by altering a main headline on their news feed. The story was originally entitled, “Attacks Throughout Iraq kill at least 65,” but was changed later today to “Attacks Throughout Iraq Kill Dozens.” From 65 to dozens, eh? Softening the impact of the war is not in the interest of the American people. This is media censorship at its worst.

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One response to “Yahoo’s Republican Bias Part II

  1. Good eye–though it depends on how many dozens people usually associate with the word “dozens;” but the characterization of “softening” seems appropriate.

    Several years ago, I looked into this briefly and discovered that Google was for Democrats and Yahoo was for Republicans, just as Target–and possibly Costco(?)–was for Democrats and Walmart, Republicans.

    Some observers claim that the media really has a bias towards one thing–and that’s $$$.

    It could also be argued that the media is biased towards noise pollution; ever heard the phrase “The media loves everything loud and fast”?

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