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Presidential Candidates as “Cool New People?”

If you’re like most Americans under the age of 40, you probably have a Myspace homepage that you check obsessively throughout the day. I, unfortunately, am one of these people. Recently, however, I noticed something that was too unlikely to be a coincidence. Go and see for yourself.

Go to the Myspace homepage. Not your personal Myspace homepage, but the generic one that is filled with advertisements and other spam. For the past two days in a row, I’ve noticed that among the “cool new people,” the third person listed is a candidate for the presidency. Coincidence? It must be, considering how far any of them would be from my description of cool new people.

Today there was the conspicuous head-shot of a white haired octogenarian named “Chris.” You quickly find out, upon clicking his link, that he is a Republican candidate for president named Chris Dodd.

Yesterday the third cool new person was “Mitt Romney,” next to Kristal and ❤ Sarah <3. I guess the advertisement people at Myspace believe that if they just move the name over the the third and last in the cool new people section, users won’t notice the the product placement. However, they have misunderestimated us.

Myspace is selling ads outside of traditional adspace and creating an environment where we live and breathe advertisements. Send a message to Myspace’s contact page telling them you don’t want spam in your cool new people section!!!!! Here is a link.

UPDATE: Joe Biden is up there now.

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Bush Reinstates House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC)

Thought to be a relic of McCarthyism and witch-hunts, Bush brings back one of the most shameful institutions in American history. Amongst those being spied upon are hippies, children of hippies, the “hip,” those with hip replacements, hippos and the ones they love, hipsters, rohipnol users, and non-aryan-christian-white-republican-heterosexual-caucasians.

Beware: the HUAC could be that friendly fellow at the Mest concert, or that waitress that gave you the eye at Denny’s the other night. The government will not stop until enemies of the state have been imprisoned and short-shackled to the ground in foreign army bases. Don’t like Bush? It could be YOU that they come after next.

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House Approves Roves, Miers Subpoenas


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Newt Gingrich – Moral Crusader Against Infidelity

by anti-folk hero

First, read this article.

The following is a quote.

“Gingrich was an outspoken opponent of Bill Clinton, frequently attacking the President on his lack of morals. But Gingrich had more than his share of skeletons in the closet. Gingrich has been divorced twice and married three times. He called his second wife in the hospital while she was recovering from cancer treatment, to tell her that he was filing for divorce.

While the GOP-led Congress was crucifying President Clinton for carrying on an affair with Monica Lewinsky, Gingrich was busy carrying on an affair of his own. Gingrich was having an affair with a Congressional intern who would eventually become his third wife.”

– from

This goes right back to the discussion of morals we were just having. Claiming to be more moral than someone else is just a form of posturing that in reality has little to no effect on policy decisions. If anything, those who try hardest to be seen as moral are the ones who are most likely to be hiding their immorality. Normal people don’t need to regularly assert their moral superiority, as they are quite comfortable in expressing this through their actions instead of through their words. The next time you call someone else immoral, think about what you’re saying and see if you’re actually speaking your mind or just trying to inflate your reputation. If its the latter, then you are an actor playing a role and not a human making a decision.


ewwwww, who would want to have an affair with this guy?


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