A Movie about the Killer of John Lennon?!!?!!?!?

by T.

What is the point?

When that creep shot John Lennon, his goal was to become famous.

His name shouldn’t even be mentioned anywhere and now Lindsay (I just snorted all my Herby the love bug money up my nose) Lohan and Jared (I swear I was cool on your so called life) Leto, are glorifying this fucking guys actions with a movie all about HIM. Does anyone not see the danger in giving this sick fuck exactly what he wants?

The crux of his decision came from the basic fact that he would no doubt go down in history as the piece of smegma that shot a piano player. Now he is in jail, having not had any success in being released, but now gets to sit back and have his ego stroked because a motion picture is being made about that day.

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t even play a real person, they like threw her 97 pound body on screen to what, sell tickets?

I think almost the worst news was finding out that Jared asshole Leto is a producer. Meaning what? He likes this guy? Thinks the guy should have his inner thought processes explained to the public? Wants to profit from the death of a wonderful musician? What is he thinking?

The reviews have said that one loses interest after 20 minutes of screen time for each character because in truth, who cares? Others have expressed their understanding for this project but when the movie was viewed didn’t learn anything, thus they didn’t understand why it was made?

Neither do I.

All I can say is that by seeing this you are just as bad as the man who pulled the trigger. How dare we as a society glorify this bastard? But then again, what can you expect from 24 hour News stations playing non-stop coverage of pour Anna Nicole’s body parading down a street.

Please don’t see this movie; please don’t buy into the hype. Don’t support this, its bad Karma,


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One response to “A Movie about the Killer of John Lennon?!!?!!?!?

  1. Brandon


    9Withheld’s) name shouldn’t be mentioned on the big screen, let alone in any media related press. the guy’s a psycho-douchbag. I’ve been following the dirt on this movie. Chapter 27. Catcher in the Rye ends on Chapter 26.
    27 is the movie. (lame) Notice how the film that just came out ‘The People v.s. John Lennon’ was only in select theatres for a brief time. the movie was great! and based upon real events.

    Chapter 27 gives (withheld) the fame he sought when he shot Lennon (chills) What’s even more disappointing, Sean and Yoko have a huge say in the production of this film. There are so many topics the Lennon’s could bring to the big screen about Sir John Lennon, but a story about his killer’s rise to psychotic fame is sick. Jared is as fat as he could get and Linsday is thin as she could get. Damn, and her cast name is Jude. Kill me now.

    Plus its the film’s writer/director, J.P. Schaefer’s, first time writing/directing. I could make a better film about the life or death of John Lennon. Just give me the budget. I have the knowledge. I have the experience.

    (hahaha I just ripped on that movie)

    On a positive note… Check out Sean Lennon’s new album Friendly Fire cd/dvd. Although he’s the son of John and Yoko, the album stands strong as a masterpiece; much better than his previous.
    The DVD part is a great film montage of the album, and the album…well… the album is absolutely amazing! I’ve been waiting for Sean to shine and he’s glowing on Friendly Fire. I’m seeing Sean up in SF in later April. He’s coming to LA, you should try and go.

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